My 2015 Word Press Blog: year in review.

Have a great 2016 everyone.


I hope you find the posts enjoyable and I also hope that I have not added any new boo boos.

I do have one request though; please LEAVE A COMMENT if you read a post. If you are too shy to comment but enjoyed it; LIKE it. If you loved it; SHARE it on your page. If you hate me or my writing or both, I want to know that too. I do not do this for money. I do this to make people think about things that may be outside of their bubble. I call it awareness.


A Sneak Peak of My Book:

Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers!

Life with women: the long awaited instruction manual.


My First Blog Post: Where did it go?

Anti-social media bit me again. I ranted about being a “newbie” to social media. (670 words)


Blog 2: The Regurgitation: What it is like to have written a book.

I tore down the fantasy of writing and launching a book while continuing the bitterness theme of Blog 1. (1016 words)


Blog 3: What is it all about anyway?

I questioned mortality, the concept of multi-tasking and legacy in a humorous way. (744 words)


Blog 4: Signs of Spring- an intoxicated tirade.

I discuss writers that abused substances among other humorous trivial things. (886 words)


Blog 5: Everything I know… so far.

What do books, music, TV and films have in common? Someone has to gamble on them. I talk of the “Indie” scenes of film, music but predominantly books, in two parts. (4916 words)

Part 1:

Part 2:


Blog 6: The FEAR Lessons:

EVIL WORDSMITHS ARE PREYING ON YOUR IMAGINATIONS! This three part blog is politically relevant- defining a Canadian, a Muslim and fear mongers. (6228 words)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Blog 7: Lost in the Wilderness.

The Myth of “Living the Dream” in the Country: The Northern Ontario Experience. This is a four part comedic “reality check” for all those considering retirement in rural Ontario. (4250 words)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Blog 8: A Study in POSITIVITY.

Challenged by a writing group, I attempted to put a positive spin on humans. (1109 words)


Blog 9: Flashback 24 years!

This two part blog flashes back 24 years to my youth where I was incensed enough to write The Spicer Commission. (4951 words)

Part 1:

Part 2:


Blog 10: I am salmon. Hear me gurgle?

What if awareness and obliviousness is the same thing? Why do I persist in swimming against the current? This two part blog talks of awareness, intellect and the workings of the human mind. (2255 words)

Part 1:

Part 2:


Blog 11: My BIGFOOT Encounters: Three spooky tales for camping out.

Fear not parents; the myth is dispelled at the end so they will go to sleep. This blog on fear was my first attempt at fiction that led to my writing the non-fiction Blog 6 for adults. (2924 words)


Blog 12: Unravelling the mysteries of the Universe.

What if it is not as difficult as we are led to believe? What if the flip-flop is the key to everything? This humorous and ridiculous blog is about women, men and women’s shoes. (1606 words)


Blog 13: “We are gonna need a bigger boat”.

Fishing tips from a good fisherman that does not like fishing. This humorous and tragic true life account will be of interest to all that have ever lost a big one. (2552 words)


Blog 14: What really went down in The Garden of Eden?

This blog is a totally foolish story of men, women and the beginning of relationships that is meant to entertain. It is prefaced for those that may be offended. (1962 words)


Blog 15: Taboo Subjects: Politics, Sex and Religion!

An age of enlightenment will have to include these talking points. This three part blog explores two topics that I do not enjoy and one that I do. (3821 words)

Politics 1:

Sex 2:

Religion 3:


Blog 16: TRUE LOVE and the key to keeping it alive.

The secret might just be never allowing COMPLACENCY to enter your relationship. Easier said; THAN DONE! (911 words)


Blog 17: The Irrational Rationality.

HUMANS CAN RATIONALIZE ANYTHING. A light look at religious concepts. (1191 words)


Blog 18: November 11th Remembrance Day.

Defining a Canadian and some of our history is what I was striving for with this one. I am quite proud of this piece. It may be my best work. (2086 words)


Blog 19: Why? It is a Good Question.

An outsider’s view of North American society. (724 words)


Blog 20: Words for a broken-hearted young man.

Defining a “real man” for young guys at the beginning of their journey. (912 words)


Blog 21: “Shit to avoid doing on Social Media”.

A concept created by Angora Shade. Writers are forced to be on social media and we witness things or actually screw up ourselves, quite a bit. These were my findings. (1292 words)


Blog 22: Tips for a very merry Christmas… or holiday season… or whatever.

If you are struggling to get into the holiday spirit as I was, read these quotes and suggestions. (697 words)





Published by

E. A. Barker

About the Author E. A. Barker is an under-achieving, occasionally brilliant, man-child now in mid-life who can get into High IQ sperm-banks the world over. He is a keen observational analyst, satirist, humorist, and researcher. He lacks doctorates in psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, medicine, genetics, theology, political science, sociology and physics and is completely okay with this; yet he is willing to challenge these experts to wake up and do better. E. A. believes he is an average guy in mid-life who has led a mostly average life. His readers may not agree with his assessment. The single biggest difference between him and most other people is his relentless pursuit of knowledge. Throughout his life he never stopped asking the simplest question: Why? E. A. thinks of himself as a collector of ideas and a purveyor of dot connections. He attempts to present his findings in an entertaining fashion in an effort to encourage people to read—especially men who are reading far too little these days. E. A. Barker is an advocate of education for its ability to affect societal reform and actively promotes the idea that a global conscience is possible.

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