SAWD: Seasonal Affected Writing Disorder

I am a sufferer.

It was just over a year ago when I noticed I was willing to do anything except work on what would become my You & I Erotic Tales Trilogy, and here I am again, one year later, doing the exact same thing with my half-written work-in-progress: The $1.99 Author.

Have a seat.

No thanks, I’d rather stand.

The session begins.


Last year, I remember claiming the stress of a long-awaited issue finally being resolved as my reason for taking some me-time out of “the chair”.

This year I have a new excuse. I somehow conjured summer-like weather into November which kept me outside more than usual—and out of that god-forsaken chair. Besides, I published three e-books and a trilogy in paperback, and then did all the marketing crap we authors must do these days so someone will read our work. I deserve a break. Don’t I? Also, it’s 2020 with the world ending and all that. A little self-indulgence isn’t so wrong, is it?


FINE! I hate Fall. There, I said it. Mother Nature paints a post-apocalyptic horror scene every year which we must endure daily for months. There is no escaping her. She’s like a crazy street person who won’t leave you alone. Hotties in their costumes at a Halloween party is the only redeeming quality of the season, and this year the parties didn’t happen.

Pity party. What about Thanksgiving?

I love turkey dinners . . . so much so I used to travel hours to have one surrounded by ungrateful people who couldn’t give a flying f-ck if I showed up or not.

Bitterness. It will soon be December 22.

F-cking great. The least amount of daylight marking the beginning of another f-cking damp cold Canadian winter. F-ck you and your glass-half-full bullshit.


Happy Holidays, everyone.

The truth of the matter is I get into the Christmas spirit by looking at all the lights in my hood. Christmas songs start playing in my head. I like pretending to be grumpy, and hating on all those people who put their trees up before the American Thanksgiving. Don’t tell anyone though. So far I’ve made myself three turkey dinners already and it’s only December 12. I also had reasonable success trying my hand at Yorkshire pudding for the first time. I’m good. I hope you can find peace somehow in these strangest of times.



How long has it been since you were thoroughly f-cked within an inch of your life?

New Year’s resolution: Install a new shrink in my head.


If you want a little more Christmas 2020 cheer, try my Ms. Creant blog and/or my You & I blog.


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E. A. Barker

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6 thoughts on “SAWD: Seasonal Affected Writing Disorder”

  1. Welcome to my world. A quick estimate indicates that had I put my energy into novels instead of tweets, I’d be the most prolific writer in history. Take that, Agatha Christie!

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