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Your Beliefs Create Your Reality. Part 5

Health Challenges:

My train of thought has been known to derail.

In the previous installment I touched on the subject of health as part of a general view of my personal reality. A few weeks after posting that one, I wrote an e-mail which expanded on the theme which I will share to complete the thought.

First, for those who have not yet read Ms. Creant, my book delves into LIFE–which of course include matters of health. There is more room in a book to go into detail but for the sake of brevity I will give you the key idea which I presented on this subject:

There are four integral parts of a human which need to be kept healthy or else we open the door to major health challenges.

We are bombarded by books and articles about the importance of exercise, eating right, and eliminating the intake of things that we know to be bad for us. These writers tell us that if we look after our bodies, we will be more energetic, happier and will live longer. IF THIS WERE TRUE:

  • None of them would ever have to face significant health challenges but many will.
  • None would ever become depressed but approximately 17% of this group will.
  • All of them would outlive the rest of us but many do not.

The reason is fairly simple to grasp. They focused on only 25% of their being’s needs to the exclusion of the other 75%.

Here is what they missed:

  • They placed little or no value on nourishing their INTELLECT. The more advanced the thought processes, the more power the mind has to moderate the intake of things that we know to be bad for us.
  • They placed little or no value on the exploration of their inner SELF–who they are—their identity.  They were not able to moderate the intake of things that we know to be bad for us on an emotional level.
  • They placed little or no value on nourishing their SPIRITUAL side–the part of all humans that needs to believe in something  greater than themselves so they can remain hopeful. They were not able to moderate the intake of things that we know to be bad for us to offset feelings of hopelessness or meaninglessness.

You cannot nourish that which you do not know or understand.

  • To nourish our INTELLECT, one must simply READ; READ; READ! I would love to tell you that you must read my genre (nonfiction) but it would be self-serving if I did so because there are thought provoking books in many other genres. The key to a good read is its ability to make you think–not merely escape. People who feed their intellect are less likely to succumb to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.
  • To nourish your SELF, you must explore the who, what, when, where and how of the significant events which affected you emotionally creating your behaviors. You can read a great deal on psychology but it is doubtful you will be able to accurately assess your own behaviors without a perspective from someone trained in the field. People who understand themselves have fewer emotional outbursts, are better at managing stress, anxiety, depression, and are less prone to psychological disorders in general.
  • To nourish your SPIRITUAL side you must first acknowledge that there is meaning–if not a plan–to your existence. Next you must find inner peace in some belief or (better still) beliefs you can call your own. Philosophy; even the philosophies of various religions, are particularly useful in giving life meaning by again adding an outside perspective to your life. Everyone knows of my disdain for religions who profit from fear mongering; who help only those of their own ilk; that endorse sexism and violence while perpetuating the division of humanity . . . but even their books contain worthwhile messages for a seeker of meaning.

Preface over; now on to the subject at hand.

Hope springs eternal. Hope is what keeps us going. Most people consider this a given until presented with challenges they were not PREPARED to face. The least AWARE among us will be quicker to lose hope, while thinkers will take their time to process this new information before ACCEPTING the opinions of the very fallible indoctrinated humans who dispense it.

If you believe a singular prognosis, it is YOU who will make it a reality.

This brings us to the point you were making. Reasonable or cautious optimism are a part of what thinking people wrestle with constantly. We must be cautious yet hopeful. Most importantly, we must be careful not to RATIONALIZE poor choices or behavior as a result of a new-found belief. At the same time, we must not DELUDE ourselves either or we could allow a decline in our condition which could have been prevented. This is a great deal of information which we must process. Fortunately the human brain is capable of this level of cognitive reasoning when the mind has been properly trained to think about the probable outcomes of numerous possibilities.

Thinking people ponder their options while other humans merely react.

A person who is considering several courses of action is undecided about the outcome so they have not yet chosen to BELIEVE anything. Conversely, the person who immediately chooses to believe, will also immediately begin to live a REALITY created for them by someone else.

We have a choice as to what we believe. This is certain and it also implies that we have a choice of realities.

A health challenge is a test of WHO we are: our intellect, our spirit, our emotional stability and our will to continue. No school program ever PREPARES us for these life challenges, even though they should. I wrote my book, in part, as an attempt to create change in what we teach–to encourage life preparedness. In order to achieve this we must place emphasis on creating young people with fully formed and understood identities rather than letting them flail about in the world, HOPING they will find their way.

A prepared mind is less likely to believe in a reality created by someone else, and more likely to see their HOPES come to fruition.

I wish I had thought of the line above sooner . . . it would have saved a great deal of time.

A Holiday Message. . .

Times are tough.

There is a great deal of uncertainty at the very least, if not fear or outright paranoia in our world at the moment.

Please try to reign in these thoughts–especially over the holidays.

If you are able to read this on-line, it most likely means you can afford devices and services which connect you to this on-line world. This also implies that your immediate security needs of shelter, food, and clothing have also been met. Be grateful for what you have as there are a great many others who are not as fortunate and who will not be able to read this.

The holidays are a time for giving–our way of expressing love, caring and thanks to people we know.


Even strangers tend to treat us a little better at this time of year. They might smile as they hold a door for us when we have both of our hands full of shopping bags. Our preoccupation with finishing the damnable shopping, so that we can jump back into the hustle and bustle of the season, might make us overlook this tiny kind gesture. Seize the moment to look them in the eye and say thank you and wish them a happy holiday. It might be the only present they receive this year.

The holiday season puts increased demands on our time because of all the commitments we make to family and friends. This causes us to be stressed and possibly irritable. We need to remember that we are fortunate to have those friends and family members with us, as many others may not.

Some people will not be able to travel to see their friends and family this year. They may feel very alone. They can change that by volunteering their time to a cause they believe in. Many worthwhile causes do not close during the holidays and spending time with the other volunteers will almost certainly turn into new friendships.

We pick up the holiday spirit by being compassionate. Give some canned goods to the food bank, give some blankets to a shelter or contribute to your local toy drive. The smallest things make a difference in this world. We often forget this. We do not have to solve global warming to improve the planet; the kid who receives your toy this year might be destined to do that–if they are not emotionally scarred by Santa missing their home. This is how we are all connected.

Goodness spreads like a virus through all walks of life, across all religions, and it does not see the color of someones skin or their gender. By spreading that which we know to be good, we spread hope. The hope we create can alter the path of another.

This almost certainly will be my last blog post for a while.

I wish to extend my gratitude to all of you who follow me on social media. To you, and everyone you care about, I wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

E. A.


Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers!

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My 2015 Word Press Blog: year in review.

Have a great 2016 everyone.


I hope you find the posts enjoyable and I also hope that I have not added any new boo boos.

I do have one request though; please LEAVE A COMMENT if you read a post. If you are too shy to comment but enjoyed it; LIKE it. If you loved it; SHARE it on your page. If you hate me or my writing or both, I want to know that too. I do not do this for money. I do this to make people think about things that may be outside of their bubble. I call it awareness.


A Sneak Peak of My Book:

Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers!

Life with women: the long awaited instruction manual.


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Blog 7.3: Lost in the Wilderness. Part 3 of 3

The Myth of “Living the Dream” in the Country: The Northern Ontario Experience.


For those of you that have not yet changed your mind and called a time-share real-estate agent somewhere down south, I will dispel a few more myths of the Ontario north-country.


“Interesting” if you are a sociologist writing a book perhaps, but you should expect to meet uneducated, unwashed, unkempt, alcoholic, drug using scammers and gossips anywhere you go.

The areas “best and brightest” have left for greener pastures and better lives and they rarely return.


The Locals that were left behind have a huge inferiority complex that makes them jealous and envious of “citiots”- a term they often use that refers to anyone that left the confines of the area or that is new to the area. They will take your money when you hire them, but will gossip endlessly about you as a “thank you” for employing them. They will always happily take your money in their shops but will not reciprocate by supporting your business.

The rampant morbid obesity is a tell-tale sign of their low self-esteem and self-worth issues. Anxiety and Depression are also common and of course made worse by alcoholism, illegal drug use or going off their prescription meds. The closest town has two methadone clinics with an area population of only 20,000.


If that means working at a career or job that would require the support of the locals; forget it. If you did not grow-up there, they will resist employing you or supporting your business. They think that by hiring you they are taking food out of the mouths of one of their local boy’s family. If you bring specialized skills that are unmatched in the area, they will hire several locals first before caving in and hiring you to finally fix the problems. They will try to negotiate your invoice AFTER the work is done so be careful who you work for.

If you think that your big city experience is marketable- you are sorely mistaken. Women and minorities will have it even worse as the local folks are about 100 years behind in their thinking but THEY ARE LEARNING TO HIDE IT better, thanks to the societal movement towards political correctness.

You will hear that “they have tried all this before” even though they have not. You will hear “that is not how we do things up here” which of course is why they struggle so. If you attempt to “raise the bar” they will reject your ideas in favour of continuing to crawl under it. Their inferiority complex makes them small-minded. New ideas that did not come from them just makes them feel inferior. They ask for suggestions but view answers as CRITICISM.

Their idea of success is survival- NOT GETTING AHEAD!


You will run out of propane at 3:00 am.

Your furnace will quit at 3:00 am.

Pipes burst at 3:00 am.

Trees fall across your driveway at 3:00 am.

Drunk, crying women will show up in your driveway at 3:00 am.


You may be hungry but where can you go to eat?

Restaurant quality may be my biggest reason for getting the hell back to civilization. Roadside converted service stations that sell DEEP FRIED EVERYTHING with

“Home Made” GOOD SOURCES of FAT and SODIUM litter the area. You will have to drive some distance for a truly good meal. The smell of the forty year old automotive grease and oil that impregnates those old concrete garage floors “pair well” with the grease and oil that these “greasy spoons” are cooking with.


If you think that you are headed to a place of serenity, then most of you will find that you were WRONG unless you buy acreage away from lakes, trails, roads and PEOPLE. With ownership, you are simply TRADING city stressors for country stressors.


I will rent or buy a condo and let someone else handle all the maintenance. I miss restaurants, spare time, movie theatres, income opportunities and women that look after themselves. If I never see another snowflake or pine needle again; I would be just fine with that too.

My book:

Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers!

Life with Women: the long awaited instruction manual.

talks of relationships, health, life, biology, philosophy, sociology, theology, genetics- even physics as well as how WE CAN CHANGE ANY ASPECT OF OUR LIFE AT ANY AGE.

The new dream is of sand beaches, palm trees and warm temperatures.

I wonder how long their bug season is.

See you there!

Have a healthy happy week. I have travel arrangements to make.

E. A.

P. S.

If anyone has a large estate on a tropical island or a huge yacht that you rarely use and you want someone to watch over the place; please get in touch. FYI, I am very experienced with boats and would make a good motor-launch pilot. I could probably get used to “hanging” with women named Missy, Bitsy and Muffy.