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Chaos, Panic, and Disorder. . . It’s like a Bat Signal for Me.

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When it comes to COVID-19, you can call me Thanos.

New World Disorder

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These types don’t like me.

Climate Crisis Strikes


Good kids do stuff.

Friday the 13th with a full Harvest Moon is the perfect time to blog nonsense.


Lizard people.

Leaving is never easy, even if it’s only Facebook.

its not you

Goodbye fakebook, I’ll miss you a little.

Five Long Years


Readers a.k.a. thinking people, are dangerous to the rising regime.



The only business that has never seen a downturn is government.

I’m Easy!

read magic

Reader love.

Why be a starving writer when you could be a starving naked artist.

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I am so sick of computers and everywhere they take us.

Now twitter is doing it.

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They are closing up the box with us in it.

When Will We Get It?


Most days I root for humanity . . . some days I root for space rocks.

Antisocial Media: 10 Awesome Protocols Nobody Talks About

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Rated R. Warning: This content contains Reality. Reader discretion is advised. Social media tips from an antisocial misanthrope? You are definitely spending too much time online.

Rated R: Sex, Academic Lies, and Video Tape

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I now see the Princess Program as more of a subroutine to a larger Patriarchy Program where, at some point in history, men discovered TAKING WAS EASIER THAN MAKING.

Anti Social Media: 6 Secrets To Preserve Your Sanity

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So, you want to take a stand; be a voice of reason; change things. . .

Bad breakup? Need closure? WTF, try an email.

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Sadly, with some exes, you might have to sink to their level.

Getting more from facebook: 20 useful tips for authors and normal people too!

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Social media was probably created to be a fun place to connect, but it can be dreadful if you let the wrong people in.

She showed you mine so I’m sharing hers.

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A little about one of the best people I have met on social media.

Top 10 things I learned in my years on facebook, or how many “friends” can I lose in one post?

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A facebook-centric essay on my findings after four years in a social media prison of my own making.

Rationalizations: What to do when the Internet is down.

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My rationalizations are examined in this one which led to my social media departure strategy.

Waiting is the worst!

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My ex fed me a story about one of her children being hurt just prior to our split. There is no way to know if there was any truth to it.

Turkey News

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Dinner conversation for know-it-alls.

Dear Elites,

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There is a conspiracy theory floating around which suggests a small group of elites are planning to eliminate most of the humans on the planet to create a utopia for themselves. I thought I would add to their anxiety and paranoia in case they pull it off.

World Food Day

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Sadly, hunger is profitable for some.

Nonfiction Blows Sometimes


I TOTALLY get why people read escapist fiction. Some heavy reads create a Kill Me Now feeling in me.

Gather ’round kids, so cocky uncle E. A. can tell you a story.


“Cockygate” had many amazon indie-authors in a cafluffle, so I decided to take a swing at sorting them out.

I’m no Chad!


Incel – a person who thinks of them-self as being involuntarily celibate. As if patriarchy wasn’t bad enough, there is an extremist wing of misogynists which pissed me off.

Of Squirrels and Airplanes


I think it was Hemingway who said: ‘Write drunk and edit sober”, so I gave it a go.

How to fix America: I did your homework for you.

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It is time every American became FOCUSED on their own personal GOAL to aid in fixing America.

On Archaeology and Other Nonsense

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I am not a science denier. I am a science questioner as we all should be. Scientific community spokespeople are trying way to hard to convince us that everything they tell us is fact-based, but if you dig a little, you will quickly find out just how hard scientists and historians cling to existing paradigms despite new overwhelming evidence.

Manifest Destiny? How is this still a thing?

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Was western civilization conquered economically without a fight and nobody told us?

Radical Christian extremists are active in my neighborhood—A Christmas Story.


A humorous little bit of Christmas season snark about religion.

The Holiday Vibe

My present fron Kat

You can pull in the “Christmas spirit” or have the “holiday bug” even if you are alone.

A Holiday Message


Gratitude makes for a better Holiday Season.

A sinister plot by the world’s elites, or just more stupid human tricks?

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The top 10 things I know to be TRUE; the top 10 things I have long suspected to be TRUE; and the top 10 things which are not quite as implausible as they once seemed, but you will still have to PROVE IT even though I have been WRONG quite a bit lately.

Why do we hurt people who seemingly care about us?

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It is entirely possible it is the universe acting through us to the rectify the situation when we have hooked up with the wrong person.

So What Is Mid-Life?

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A writer in his late forties shares a little too much.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Tips to surviving Valentine’s Day.

What Is Abuse?

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I have witnessed or counselled people on almost every aspect and type of abuse without ever realizing the nuances of abuse- never truly connecting all the dots for myself.

Why? It is a really good question.

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The North American mainstream media doesn’t tell us about countries that do things better, but every once in a while someone visits to shake us up.

Tips for a very Merry Christmas or Holiday Season or what have you.


There are some great quotes in this one if you are looking to put some real meaning back into the season.

Shit To Avoid Doing On Social Media

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Social Media: The Less Said, The Better. (Unless you are me who doesn’t give a flying f-ck.)

Manning Up and Other Lofty Goals

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A tutorial.

November 11th: Remembrance Day In Canada

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People not familiar with Canada and its citizens need to realize that the portrait of a Canadian painted by modern-day politicians and the media IS NOT who we are as a people.

The Irrational Rationality

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I RATIONALIZED that I am a virtuous sinner.

Taboo Subjects: Religion

photo of child reading holy bible

I have written more than my share on the topic of RELIGION. It is not a favorite subject of mine.

Taboo Subjects: Sex

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SEX: We are ALL driven to have it whether alone, with another, or with several others; depending on your pathology.

Taboo Subjects: Politics

president obama

JFK was made a President by the young people of America who were tired of the status quo. Let’s do it again. I show young Americans just how easy it is.

What Really Went Down In The Garden Of Eden?

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Amazingly, my version of events is every bit as plausible as the one they tell.

“We Are Gonna Need A Bigger Boat.”

brown boat

A true tragically humorous fishing story.

Unraveling The Mysteries Of The Universe

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What if the flip-flop is the key to everything? A humorous foray into my mind.

My BIGFOOT Encounters: Three Spooky Tales For Camping Out

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Even grownups fear the unknown.

I am salmon. Hear me gurgle? Part 2

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I remain the UNWISE one who cannot ACCEPT that mankind must go obliviously into oblivion.

I am salmon. Hear me gurgle? Part 1

underwater photography of woman

Why do I persist in swimming against the current?

Flashback To Naivety: Part 2


The environment was an issue back then, but little has improved in nearly three decades.

Flashback To Naivety: Part 1


In 1991, and perhaps the first time, I wrote with passion about the concerns of young Canadians.

A Study In Positivity

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I all-too-often see the glaring negatives of mankind without acknowledging the more subtle positives.

Lost in the Wilderness: Part 4


Interesting people.

Lost in the Wilderness: Part 3


An angry giant rant.

Lost in the Wilderness: Part 2



Lost in the Wilderness: Part 1


The Myth of “Living the Dream” in the Country: The Northern Ontario Experience.

The FEAR Lessons: Part 3

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The media is a fear vendor.

The FEAR Lessons: Part 2

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It is here where I realized that I had completely explained fear-mongering to children.

The FEAR Lessons: Part 1

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The cultivation of fear, hate, and anger allow the masses to be more easily manipulated and maneuvered.

Signs of spring; an intoxicated tirade.

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I just had a large two-fingered scotch on the deck today.

What is it all about anyway?

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Random morning thoughts of a writer.

What it’s like to finish writing a book: The Regurgitation

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There is no feeling quite like it.

Blog 1: Where did it go?

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Hard lessons were learned as I began to build sites.