The $1.99 Author

Coming soon on Draft2Digital.

The short blurb:

The $1.99 Author offers a pragmatic look at today’s publishing options for both budding and previously published authors. Almost every conceivable publishing path is touched upon with the pros and cons of each laid bare. This book is free of sugar-coated empty promises of success. Instead, readers will be made to understand there is a ladder awaiting them, and The 1.99 Author shows us how to climb it safely without going broke, without getting taken, and without too many heartbreaks.

Is this still “early 2021”?

I know, I know. . . I said it wouldn’t be long before I’d have this ebook out, but there were distractions:

  • I’m on LinkedIn now.
  • @EABarker1 was just released from twitter jail and I was fined 400 followers even after serving a six month sentence.
  • ‘To website or not to website, that is the question.’ A question which has now been answered by the creation of this web-page.
  • The first half of the book is really good. . . even if I do say so myself. To be frank, I am having an issue with the length of the book. I don’t want to write a publishing bible.
  • I do have a long blurb which will never fit on a cheap paperback, should I decide to go that route later in the year.

My first interview in about a year just happened.

Julie Tuttle posed some interesting questions. You can see my replies here.

Watch this site or follow me on twitter @EABarker1 to stay informed about my progress and/or latest excuses.